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New 76mm Zombies

76mm Zombies Blue

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New 76mm Zombies 
The Zombies have finally risen. Reborn from all the freeride wheels we`ve killed the Zombie is 100% deadly. Built on a large 42mm injection molded core Zombie`s roll super quick, ideal for hunting down useless humans. The newest member of the Hawgs family is truely sideset with the inner edge of the bearing perfectly aligned with the inner edge of the wheel. 

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The Zombie`s sideset stance and round edges make for a super smooth transition from gripping a carve to throwing a slide.With a contact patch of 33mm there`s enough resistance to slow you down during a slide while the rounded edges make for a predictable drift. After scratching their backs on tombstones, the Zombies come to you with a stone ground finish making them easy to rip as soon as you get your hands on them. Whether you`re freeriding or ripping around town; Shred the Dead. ZOMBIES!!!!
Duro Blue 78a, White 80a, Yellow 82a, Orange 84a and Teal 86a