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Groveler Purple Surf Skate

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Landyachtz Groveler SKATESURF helt nytt sätt att åka pumpa fart istället för att pusha fart.

Groveler Purple SKATESURF is a 32.5” long Surfskate shape that’s 10.2” wide and features aggressive taper towards both the nose and tail and classic surfboard styling. 7-ply maple construction keeps the ride nice and responsive while mellow concave and a kicktail will keep your feet locked in for whatever obstacle you want to hit next. The Pocket Knife comes set up with our new Banger Surf Skate trucks combo featuring a Banger RKP front truck for maximum turn and response paired with a Polar Bear 155 rear for a stable, predictable ride. The setup is finished off with a set 65mm 78a Mermaid Magic Surf with a glossy surface for the smooth, grippy ride you need. The Pocket Knife Black Lines also comes with soft-top griptape for maximum comfort.