Dodger Wing

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Dodger Wing
Ideal for cruising neighborhoods, beaches, city centers and campuses. Using maple and fiberglass, the Dodger is a lightweight cambered board with lots of spring to it.

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The 70’s was a golden era for a lot of things. Disco music, bell bottom pants, and surprisingly enough, skateboards! But few people remember the innovative skateboard designs that came out of that time. This is why we took it upon ourselves to create a board that embodied the bouncy good time that was the 70’s. You can pump your way down the sidewalk, look stylish, sing “Stayin Alive” and reminisce on all the good times you never had because you were born in the 80’s.

L: 30” | W: 9” | WB: 19”

Deck material: 4 Ply Canadian Maple, Pre-cured Fiberglass top and bottom sheet
Concave: Low 
Flex: Medium 
Profile: Camber with Flex
Features: Kicktail, Wheel Wells, 100% Canadian Maple, Pre-Cured Fiberglass, Low Concave, Camber
Setup: Polar Bear 130, 63mm Fatty Hawgs Purple/Pink 78a, 1/2” risers, Bear Spaceball bearings