Dinghy Blunt Pinecone

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Dinghy Blunt Pinecone
The Dinghy Blunt Pinecone is an all purpose cruiser that pays homage to the conifer rich rainforests of the Pacific North West region in which we reside. Our Dinghy Blunt shape was designed to be stable, with a little extra width where you need and slightly wider trucks than the other Dinghy shapes. 

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The Dinghy Blunt Pinecone is great for riders with bigger feet or anyone looking for a little more stability and confidence out of their cruiser board. The 135mm trucks and 60mm wheels make sliding a breeze.

L: 28.5" | W: 8,6" | WB: 14.5"

100% Canadian Maple

Low Concave
Sanded Wheel Wells