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The ATV AL ANGEL is a 32″ long street shape that is 9″ wide at the front and tapers dramatically towards the rear, giving it more directional handling characteristics than our other ATV offerings. 

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As such, it is a blast to cruise on as well as being super capable on transition. This board features our new ATV-X construction which introduces two composite plies to improve pop and durability. Our ATV series boards come complete with Polar Bear 155mm trucks to perfectly match the width of the board and provide the ideal blend of stability and maneuverability. All of our ATV setups are finished off with a set of 60mm 78a Chubby Hawgs wheels to keep the weight down and roll speed up.

32" Length I 9" Width I 14.375" Wheelbase

Comes complete with 155mm Polar Bear Trucks and 60mm 78a Chubby Hawgs

- Made in Canada
- Deck material: 100% Canadian Maple, wet fiberglass
- Concave: Low
- Flex: Low
- Features: Kicktail, Flared Wheel wells, 100% Canadian Maple, lightweight
- Trucks: Polar Bear 155 
- Wheels: Chubby Hawgs White 78a
- ¼” Riser 
- Bearings: Abec 7 Bear Spaceballs